Friday, 1 January 2021

A Clean Sweep


What a Rubbish dive!

There was just so much debris on our first dive that we decided that we couldn’t leave it there any longer and that we just had to go back and collect it all.

The next dive we went bag in hand ready to collect every bit of rubbish and debris that we could find. The four of us set out to what we have nick named Beer Can Alley. I think you can guess why. See for yourself…

This was just the tip of the, no, this was more like just the ring pull on the beer can.

We got busy collecting all the rubbish, beer can after beer can, a few glass bottles too, making sure that nothing had made itself at home inside.

Amongst the more unusual items that we recovered there was:
 some fishing line, rope, a ladies’ hygienic product (not so sure she’s a lady as she dumped it in the ocean!) and what initially looked like a plastic propellor but turned out to be a broom head, making it a clean sweep!


Having successfully made a small difference to help save our oceans and despite all the rubbish and debris found on the dive, we also enjoyed some amazing marine life on our way back into shore.

were lucky enough to spot this wonderful Octopus nestled in the rocks. Initially, his head was clear of the rocks and as we approached he gracefully slide back under his rocky hideout home.


As you can see, we ended up with a really full bag and I’m sure we’ll be back to keep on sweeping clean!


A Big Thank You to Angela, Barry and Bernd for being part of the solution on this rubbish debris dive.

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Rapid Antigen Testing Now Accepted in The Canary Islands

Exciting News!

Rapid Antigen Testing Now Accepted in The Canary Islands

Confirmed today, 10th December 2020, the rapid antigen test is now a legally accepted test to enter the Canary Islands.

What this means for you

Last night it was announced by the Canarian Government that the rapid antigen test will become the second accepted test for entry to the Canaries and this morning the new law came into effect with the new rapid test being accepted as of today!

Since November travelers to the Canary Islands have been required to have a diagnosic test for active SARS-COV-2 infection with a negative test result, within 72 hours of arrival, with the PCR test being the only acceptable test. Now the cheaper fast antigen test takes some of the stress and difficulties out of the process.


What you need to know

Your test must be carried out within 72 hours prior to your arrival.

Your test must be carried out by one of the authorised testing centres in either your country or the EU. Click on your country for the list of authorised testing centres:







If you live in a country where there are no authorized test centres, you may be able to access the services of those in another EU country. For example, if you live in Belgium or the Netherlands, then you should be able to access the services of the authorised testing centres in France or Germany.

More Info on the tests

The antigen test must detect SARS-COV-2 antigens with an accuracy of 97% and a sensitivity of over 80% as defined in the supporting documentation.

The test must come with a printed or digital certification that includes all of your details, the testing centres details and the accuracy and sensitivity of the test.

It is preferred that the test certificate is in Spanish or English.  


Is there anything else I need to do?

You will need to sign a Responsible Declaration and provide details of where you will be staying.

You need to download the RadarCOVID contagion alert app on to your smart phone. It is available for Android and iPhone and it will notify you of the risk of exposure to Covid-19 based on your location. Please ensure that your phone has location services turned on.

You may also find it useful to have a QR code reader on your phone as a lot of establishments are using them instead of traditional menus. 

Finally, we look forward to welcoming you back to Island Watersports, Lanzarote for some well deserved relaxation, sun and fun diving.


Click to download the RadarCOVID 


Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Island Watersports Re-Opens after Covid-19 Lockdown

wreck diving with Island Watersports Lanzarote

Island Watersports Lanzarote, is now open and running again after the
Covid-19 Lockdown in Spain.

We are taking bookings for diving, however you must follow basic rules
and we have to have reduced numbers of divers around the center.

Covid-19 safe practices

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Dive In – What are you waiting for!

 Welcome to Island Watersports Lanzarote

So, you have decided to try scuba diving while on holiday, diving in Lanzarote is easy and amazing.

Our Try Dive experience takes around 2.5 hours and at only 55€ per person it will be one of the highlights of your holiday.

We brief you on land and introduce you to the equipment you will be using before heading out to our local house reef.

All our beginner dives and courses are carried out in small groups, max 2 people per Instructor;  your safety is our No1 priority at all times.

Remember we fully understand that you may be nervous, there is no rush – relax and enjoy.

We have put together some pictures to show you a little of what to expect.

OK, now that you are comfortable on land, lets get you into the sea to start your underwater adventure !

Time for those first breaths underwater and again there is no rush so just relax and breathe, once you are happy and comfortable we can descend a little deeper to try some basic skills. Don’t worry – we practise the skills in shallow water so you can stand up at any time.

 Your first dive is very special, take it easy and enjoy looking at our underwater world, there is so much to see, it really is a fantastic experience. Dive time is around 45 minutes.

So there you have it, a little preview of what your first dive involves, we  hope this encourages you to give scuba diving  a try. There really is a truly amazing world down there and it is waiting for you.

Email us at

  Check out our website

Saturday, 8 December 2018

The Man Behind the Mask

So he started diving to get away from his girlfriend and he likes to Gamble!

Lets find out more about Iain Irving, Instructor/Co Owner Island Watersports Lanzarote.

Why did you start Scuba Diving?

Well, Marie and I went to Thailand in 2001 and the airline lost Marie’s case.  After 3 days of bad tempered girlfriend I needed to find something to do or one of us would not have left the Island!  I enrolled in a PADI Open Water Course and got hooked.


In your spare time what do you like to do?

Spare time? I like watching Rugby now as I am too old to play anymore and motor cycling.  I would like to buy an enduro  bike to tour Lanzarote but Marie wants a new bathroom first.

What drove you to become a Scuba Diving Instructor?

I always wanted to live abroad and totally agree with the old adage ‘choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life’. OK it is not that simple and it didn’t happen over night.  I really enjoyed my diving while Marie had  some fantastic holidays  along the way.


Do you have a favourite type of dive?

If I had to choose I would say Night Dives, it really is so different at night. I love encounters with the larger animals like Rays and we see them feeding at night which is just amazing. I enjoy all my dives, but seeing Angel Sharks and Rays on a daily basis is just a privilege.

Apart from Lanzarote, what is your favourite scuba diving destination?

That is such a difficult question, it really is, I have dived in some excellent locations all around the world. It’s not just about the diving , it’s also about the other divers you meet,  the friends you make and the memories.We have made so many great friends here in Lanzarote.

For the total experience I would say Barbados while diving with Ram on The Scotch and Soda in Carlisle Bay. Ram was the Instructor who got Marie to dive, now that guy had patience. We met some lovely people there and the horse racing at Bridgetown was a real bonus, I remember we won 1500 dollars on one trip.


 What is the Best thing about being an Instructor?

Whether it is a non diver discovering scuba for the first time, or a certified diver learning new skills, it is just a great job. I get as much enjoyment out of our students success as they do.


Why did you decide to move to Lanzarote?

We felt at home straight away, we visited with our dive club from the UK in February 2014 and by November 2014 we had moved here. That pretty much sums it up. Lanzarote is unlike any other Canary Island thanks to the influences of Cesar Manrique. Friendly people, relaxed safe environment and obviously fantastic diving for all levels.

Any Regrets?

Probably the obvious answer here is that I didn’t do it earlier.


Thursday, 4 October 2018

Museo Atlantico







Located in Playa Blanca in the south of the Island, just 30 minutes from our dive centre is Museo Atlantico,  Europe’s only underwater museum.

We organise a variety of trips to the museum daily.

Morning or afternoon dives available. We provide return transport from our dive centre. Our instructors are with you for the whole excursion.

Our popular  2 dive trips offer  either  Las Coloradas + Museo Atlantico or Playa Flamingo + Museo Atlantico.



All our instructors will talk you through the story of artist  Jason deCaires  Taylors creation before hand.

This is a fantastic dive with an abundance of marine life suitable for all level of certified divers.  A true photographers paradise.

We recommend you book with us in advance as this is proving to be a  very popular trip with our divers.




Non-diving partners are welcome to join us on the trip to Playa Blanca as the boat trip leaves from the harbour where there is a selection of shops, bars and cafes to enjoy.






Our website is currently down for maintenance

 Our website is currently down for maintenance, we are uploading and testing our new website.